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Planning Your Affordable Hawaii Vacation

By: Jon Arnold

A Hawaii vacation is rated as the number one dream vacation by people all over the world. One of the reasons for that is because of its overall atmosphere of peace, calm, and relaxing serenity. You have the white sandy beaches, beautiful clear blue skies and the crystal clear waters to enjoy every day, so it is no wonder that people across the world enjoy the experience of a Hawaii vacation. It is something you need to do at least once, although if you do it once, chances are high that you will come back again. But of course you need to determine how to fit that into your vacation budget.

One method used by many tourists planning their Hawaii vacation is to check with travel agencies who offer package deals. These package deals can bundle various components of your trip into a single package, making it significantly less expensive than it would be if you bought them separately. For example, a typical package might include airfare, accommodations, a helicopter tour and a volcano excursion. You can mix and match these packages to suit your tastes. Considering that many of these activities are things you would do anyway, this is a great way to save money in the process.

Just think about it for a moment. If you are going to take a Hawaii vacation, you are not going to just lie on the beach every day, are you? Of course not, especially not when Hawaii offers so many different activities that you can enjoy, some of which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else on the planet. You may want to check out the many scenic views, take a helicopter ride, take a volcano excursion, and learn how to surf or para-sail, or maybe even take in a few rounds of championship golf at some of the best golf courses known to man. It all costs money, so finding a package deal that includes some of these types of things can save you some big money.

You cannot believe this is possible? Believe me, it is possible and people are doing it every day. One of the biggest costs you will have is airfare and accommodations, but with a bit of research and due diligence, you can find lodging under $100 a night. You may also want to consider a Hawaiian bed and breakfast for about $50 a night, where it could be situated amongst the mountains of Hawaii and offering you an incredible peaceful and romantic setting, while all the activities that Hawaii can offer you are just a short distance away.

It’s there right in front of you for the taking, then sweetening the deal by possibly getting free airfare through frequent flier miles can make for a very inexpensive vacation. Hard to fathom considering a Hawaii vacation used to cost $2000-$5000 sometimes just for the accommodations years ago. However, today it is no longer a dream and has now become a reality for so many couples and families.

We realize it’s an unbelievable feeling to think that you could be watching the sunset on an island in Hawaii, sipping down tropical drinks, and never wanting to leave. Where helicopter rides are an everyday way of life and some of the best seafood in the world is eaten in their local establishments. Put it all in perspective and you start to understand that it’s time to stop thinking about just dreaming about taking this trip, and start making the necessary plans to make it happen.

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By Jon Arnold
Source:  Cool Travel Zone

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