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Queen’s Surf Beach – One of Waikiki’s Beaches

By Kani Amea

Queen’s Surf Beach is a stretch of beautiful white sand that is located across Kapiolani Park and Honolulu Zoo on the Diamond Head end of Waikiki. Queen’s Surf is one of the quieter beaches in Waikiki. It is fronted by large lawns and tall, shady trees. Queen’s Surf Beach boasts of having the best snorkeling spot in Waikiki, primarily because its underwater fauna, flora, and sea creatures are marine-protected. The 400-meter aquatic sanctuary is also used by swimmers and tri-athletes for training.

Queen’s Surf Beach is primarily known for two things: as “the queen’s beach,” and as “the gay beach.” It is called the former because it was once the beach home of Queen Lilioukalani, and it was called the latter because the beach has been the favorite hang-out spot of gay men and lesbians since the 1970s. Today, Queen’s Surf scene is a mix of family and gay couples.

The famed Kapahulu Groin is found here. The groin is a paved walkway that extends from the shore right into the ocean. The Kapahulu Groin is a wonderful spot to get a panoramic view of Waikiki but watch out for those local kids who love jumping into the ocean to surprise beachgoers. The splashes can get you soaking wet.

If you love hanging out in a communal atmosphere, Queen’s Surf Beach is the place to frequent. Every 5 pm during weekends, movie screens are set up and you can watch movies with date, family, or friends with the ocean as a backdrop. Queen’s surf beach also provides offers volleyball games, music, and other seaside entertainment.

Services and amenities: volleyball courts, shady areas, picnic tables, restrooms, food booths.

Located on the island of Oahu, Kaneohe Beach Park is a wonderful spot to spend your Hawaii vacation.

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By Kani Amea

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