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Royal Caribbean Cruises – What to Do For Fun Onboard

By Kathy Swanson

“Tote camera will cruise.” That’s the old tried and tested formula for a Caribbean cruise. It sounds great but for seven days and 6 nights you won’t be shooting all the time to make your cruise memorable. You have to let go of that camera sometimes to enjoy the trip because the true essence of the cruise is to relax without a care in the world and have fun on royal Caribbean cruises.

Preparing for the Cruise is Important
A cruise is a vacation itself whilst you sail towards the Caribbean. It is more relaxing than hustling yourself on a plane where you have to endure airline food and old movies. While on a cruise you get all the pampering and the entertainment you want – movies, dancing, music, fine dining, swimming, and sports. So who says that a cruise is a drag? For a worry-free cruise, with kids or not, be prepared for everything.

A thorough preparation for a Caribbean cruise guarantees an enjoyable cruise. Everything must be packed – the right wardrobe, travel documents, and medications. Everything must be set for the big day and double-checked. You can’t spend days and nights on the cruise worrying if you turned off the gas. What a bummer!

So what do you do to make every minute of the cruise count? If there’s a cruise in your agenda plan ahead, especially along the lines of self-entertainment. If this is your first cruise, ask friends who had the pleasure of royal Caribbean cruises and they will tell you to bring along shimmering evening dresses or black tie ensemble for evening dinners and dances and to brace yourself for the slew of top-caliber marquee entertainers who are going to entertain you night after night after night. So, sign up ahead for romantic dinner reservations and the great movies waiting for you on Royal Caribbean cruises.

Take along your swimsuits and fun togs for the day’s swimming and lounging or bowling ‘tournaments’ because the days can be mind-numbing when there’s nothing eventful or if there is only the sea and sky for stretches ahead. If kids are in tow, that would be again a challenge to your creativity. So pack those games and let them take along their gadgets or whatever they would like to take along, except of course their kiddie bikes.

On Board Fun
Now that you have boarded one of the many Royal Caribbean ships for your cruise, check out the schedule for the seven-day on board adventure. Since this is a vacation, live your fantasies. Dress up or dress down, but make yourself fashionable and feel like a star whether you’re sweating it out in the gym or swimming laps. Isn’t it always exciting to look your best especially when you’re on vacation? Try the sauna or read a book in a quiet corner. Yes there are quiet nooks for those who want to get away from the crowd.

The kids have their share of busy nights and days. There are magic shows and water slides, pizza fests, and disco parties for the older ones. Cruises always have kiddie and teen-friendly activities every day so that takes off a lot of load off your shoulders.

So check out the schedules of the different Royal Caribbean cruises and make reservations online for you dream Caribbean cruise. You deserve it.


By Kathy SwansonKathy is an avid cruise vacationer and loves to share tips to help other people find the best deals around. Her site is and you can find a lot of good information there.  Book your Royal Caribbean Cruise today!

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