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San Diego Bay – A Different Look and Feel of San Diego

By Arjun Collier

It is no surprise that the San Diego area is a popular tourist destination among vacationers. San Diego happens to have the perfect climate as well as awesome tourist destination spots for you to visit and enjoy. San Diego is known as a large coastal city in California. It is the second largest city in the state of California, and it is known to be the eighth in the entire United States. The San Diego County is located just north of the Mexican border and shares a border with Tijuana. The city has a lot to offer the ordinary visitor. You have a choice of visiting Balboa Park and explore the various cultural museums and zoos. You can also get a feel of what it was like in California ages ago through Old Town. And if you prefer to just explore the city, then you will never go wrong in hanging out at downtown. However, if you fancy yourself a beach bum or you would rather be near the water then you should be visiting the Bay.

  • What about San Diego Bay?
    The Bay is a natural harbor located adjacent to San Diego, California. The bay is surrounded by the cities of San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, and Coronado. The western border of the bay is protected from the Pacific Ocean by an elongated, narrow piece of land called the Silver Strand. The north part of the Silver Strand expands to become North Island, where the Naval Air Station North Island-homeport of several aircraft carriers-lies and Coronado, where the infamous Hotel Coronado is located. The U.S. Navy also has two more structures in the bay area: Naval Station and Naval Base Point Loma at Ballast Point, which is actually a nuclear submarine base.
  • Places to Visit
    There are several museum ships near the San Diego Bay home. These include the USS Midway, which is the largest aircraft carrier museum. Another museum ship that you can visit is the Star of India, which is the oldest “steel hulled” ship still sailing. The shallow southern end of the bay is used for evaporation ponds to extract salt from the seawater. It also helps that Downtown is located on the Bay, you are sure to find great restaurants to dine in and great places to visit. You can also find great hotels and clubs to enjoy the night scene in the area. San Diego’s Bay is home to some of the most luxurious hotels like the Manchester Grand Hyatt and Marriot Hotel and Marina to name a few.

You are sure to find some of the best tourist spots in and around the Bay. You will not only get to enjoy the beach but you’ll also get to enjoy the city since most of the tourist sites you can visit are within driving range. So come and visit the Bay, where you are sure to have one great time on your vacation.

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