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San Diego Has a Great Down Town Vibe

By Dave G Williams

San Diego is a vibrant city that’s great to visit. The downtown area is particularly popular with tourists. The Gaslamp quarter as it is known is a feast to the eye with a wide range of large and dramatic old building which really showcase their design. With some being over a hundred years old they area must see for every visitor.

The Victorians certainly knew how to design striking and long lasting buildings and a range of nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, shops and theatres now occupies them and has prolonged their life and enabled them to live on into the 21st century. To reach the beating centre of the Gaslamp quarter you only have to wander along 4th and 5th Avenue.

A wonderful addition to the quarter is the Horton Plaza and Horton Plaza Park. A sunning feature is the first ever water fountain to contain electric lights. This was a truly ground breaking achievement. The genius behind it was Alonzo Horton as you may have guessed.

If you are wondering how the Gaslamp quarter acquired it’s name, you probably won’t be surprised to read it’s because of the gas lamps that were used to light up the area at the turn of the last century. Although the lamps are gone the name remains as a great reminder of early technology.

Big stores have moved into the Gaslamp quarter as it has become so popular. Macy’s is of course very popular but there are over a hundred shops for you to visit with many small quirky and independent stores providing colorful and unusual gifts. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest movie releases then head for the multi-screen at Horton Plaza.

With its great climate, shops and things to do San Diego is becoming a very popular destination for both family holidays and short breaks. From the great shops and buildings of the Gaslamp quarter to the beaches and aquariums you are spoilt for choice.

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