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San Diego Restaurants – Savoring the Cuisine

By Arjun Collier

The Old and the New San Diego

San Diego is the small town located in the south part of California. It is the second largest city in that state and is now one of the economic centers along with San Marcos and Carisbad metropolitan area. The government has been busy and is trying hard to create places for people to love the city, such as creating shopping malls, theme parks, and of course, San Diego restaurants. The City is known for their cuisine that satisfies almost all the food needs of the tourists and guests. The city is home to a number of restaurants that serve a wide variety of food and services. Every diner is known to have their own food specialty and features a different recipe and menu.

San Diego’s Famous Restaurants
Apart from the load of attractions that the city is known for, it also houses numerous restaurants. Before you make your head spin choosing which diner to satisfy your hunger to, it is best to know each of their features beforehand. Here are some of the famous restaurants:

  • The Fleetwood.
    It is known for its vast sports lounge and nightclub. Although it has a traditional banquet arranged, the seating options are everywhere making you more comfortable. The menu is suited to your taste and liking.
  • Osetra Fish House.
    This is an exclusive seafood restaurant, obviously. The design of this restaurant matches the sea climate, and it has an Oyster Bar, which is the restaurant’s main attraction. The menu highlights are seafood, pasta, and steak.
  • Croce’s.
    This restaurant, which was established some twenty years back, offers warmth and energy to their guests. This place is a must for the food lovers. They boast of their Bordeaux Braised Ribs, Grilled Duck Breast, Croce’s Prime Contemporary Meatloaf, just a few of the mouthwatering dishes served in these restaurants.
  • Currant American Brasserie.
    That is your place if you either love American-style or French brasserie and antique chandeliers for a fine classy ambience.
  • Jack’s La Jolla.
    One of San Diego restaurants is this place that is a perfect for Italian food lovers. They have house-made pastas like basil, pancetta, and sweet corn ravioli, among others.

There are actually more restaurants that you can go to,
to satisfy your taste buds. As with other cities, the San Diego food scene runs a gamut of choices, every cuisine category and in every price range.

  • For Mexican delight,
    they have Old Town Mexican Café and Mama Testa.
  • For fine dining,
    there are Bertrand at Mister A’s, George’s on the Cove, and Trattoria La Strada.
  • For medium-range restaurants,
    there is Antico Toscano, Red Pearl Kitchen, and Phil’s BBQ. For budget food, the Ocean Beach neighborhood, 3rd Corner, Bub’s Dive Bar and Grill, and Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza are the diners to go to.
  • Other new restaurants
    that have boomed are Roseville, Crescent Heights, Cowboy Star, Better Half Bistro, Urban Solace, Jai, Kitchen 1540, Tender Greens, Azucar, and Whisknladle.

Restaurant Review
Miguel’s Cocina Mexican Restaurant Chula Vista, San Diego CA


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