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San Francisco Pride

By Jonny Cooper

For the worldwide gay community, San Francisco has become almost like Mecca. This is a city steeped in the gay movement, dating back to the heady days of the 60’s and 70’s, when areas such as the Castro blossomed alongside the political ascendancy of Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician who championed gay rights.

Today, the gay community in San Fran is massive, and it lives within an atmosphere that is much more geared towards equality than in Milk’s time. Consequently, the San Francisco Gay Pride is now a monumental celebration of past struggles, a reminder that there’s still work to be done in the field of gay rights, and a great excuse for an awesome party.

If you are thinking of visiting San Francisco for this year’s Pride, it may be worth taking into consideration some of the following elements when it comes to organizing your trip…

Gay Hostel
Choosing to stay in a San Francisco gay hostel can be a great way of meeting likeminded people and enjoying the Pride to the full. During the festival, these hostels become packed with fun-seekers who’ve come to town with the Pride in mind, so finding people to party with really isn’t much trouble at all.

Elements Hostel is a popular option among travelers in the city for the Pride. It’s a new and clean place that’s excellently situated for easy access to all the cultural goings-on (a station of the famous San Francisco BART is only a few steps away).

Another good bet when it comes to choosing a hostel for the San Francisco Gay Pride is the Castillo Inn. This is much smaller than the Elements, and as a result you’ll not find such a party-flavored atmosphere. However, the Castillo Inn is situated right next to the Castro district, which puts it in exactly the right spot in terms of enjoying the Pride.

If it’s low prices you’re looking for, meanwhile, the USA Hostels San Francisco is always a good bet. Large, efficiently run, and well-equipped, it’s an extremely reasonably well-priced place in which to rest a head weary from excessive amounts of partying!

Gay Pride
The Pride is a festival that reaches its climax with a huge parade through the streets of San Francisco. Traditionally held during the last week of June, the parade itself always takes place on a designated Sunday morning, with various contingents from the LGBT community showing off their floats and paraphernalia as the congregation picks its way from Beale Street to 8th Street.

The festival that now accompanies the parade begins the day before, with performers, speech-makers and vendors descending on the Civic Center area and basically enjoying themselves non-stop until late on Sunday. There are also plenty of after-parties held across the city (and especially in The Castro), which ensure the festival continues long after the parade itself has reached its end (normally at about 4pm on the Sunday).

For visitors to the city interested in its gay heritage, The Castro is the one area that simply must be explored. It is alive with gay culture, from various centers and shops to hedonistic bars and clubs.

Away from the Castro, other must see attractions in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts, not to mention the city’s iconic cable cars, which provide a great and historic way of getting around town.

Loving the Hotel Abri – San Francisco, CA


By Jonny CooperBefore settling down and becoming a copywriter for Johnny Cooper did a backpacking tour of California and he checked out a variety of hostels in California and a San Francisco Gay hostel

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