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Silversea Cruises – Luxury Cruise Liner

By: Tom Heath

Luxury cruise liner, Silversea Cruises has recently been named the best luxury cruise company this week. The award has been given based on a recent survey where the respondents claimed that Silversea Cruises as a cruise company gives them a classy experience and the experience of quality has been unsurpassed.

Silversea Cruises Executive vice president, David Morris said the praise from the fans of Silversea Cruises is a great accolade and to receive the recognition of the wealthy customer base they have is proving that the efforts of an “ultra-luxury vacation” are being delivered, he commented recently.

The Silversea Cruise Brand is recognized as a luxury cruise liner and has many satisfied customers that return to their liners time and time again.

A number of factors had been incorporated to include quality, exclusivity and status into the survey.

A new vessel is to be launched and suggestions that the name of the vessel is to be called Silver Spirit. The Silver Spirit would add to the four luxurious all-suite ships already in the fleet is to join the fleet late 2009.

Voyages on the ships of the Silversea Cruise fleet take in the most breathtaking areas of the world from the Mediterranean sunshine to the game reserves of Kenya and Tanzania, as well as many more fantastic destinations.

Take a luxury cruise onboard the recently voted luxury cruise company and fulfill your worldly dreams and visit some of the greats sights on our planet. If you are undecided on a destination, Silversea Cruises offer round the world cruises.


Tom Heath is an experienced writer for Silversea Cruises

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