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Swimming With Dolphins, Hawaii – Underwater World

dolphin smiles while swimming in a lagoon in Florida

By Kani Amea

There are eight species of dolphins in Hawaii. The bottle nose is the most common type of dolphin. This name came from its elongated upper and lower jaws. This dolphin is a very loving and friendly animal. There are cases of dolphins that rescue injured divers in the ocean.

In Hawaii you can experience swimming with dolphins.
There are several companies on Oahu and The Big Island that offer a swim with these animals in the wild. These kinds of tours usually are combined with water sports such as snorkel or scuba diving.

Dolphins are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act
and it is against the law to became closer than 50 yards (45 m) to them. But these friendly animals can approach to check you out. You have to consider that if dolphins prefer to keep away, you should not try to swim close to them. If dolphins come close while you are swimming in the ocean, don’t attempt to touch them and don’t make aggressive or sudden movements.

At the Sea Life Park on Oahu they have special dolphin programs
that allow you to swim and hug dolphins, besides you learn about these mammals’ habits. The Dolphin Quest program will explain you why dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent creatures.

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most attractive activities if you come to Hawaii. But Hawaii’s underwater world is amazing and has many other species to watch: Humpback whales, Green sea turtles, Monk seals… While you get in touch with this underworld, always have in mind the main rule of the ocean respect: Look but don’t touch.

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By Kani Amea – Hawaii Travel Guide

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