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Aug 20, 2014

Cruising on Celebrity Cruise Lines

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By W Tsang Celebrity Cruise lines is among the youngest cruising companies in the world, yet it is already recognized as one of the best service providers in the industry. In fact, critics and passengers use the fleet of ships from Celebrity cruise lines as the standard in measuring other ships’ performance. Most people think […]

Jun 11, 2014

Tips for First Time Cruisers

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By:  Amy Nutt Cruise holidays are becoming more and more popular these days. Actually, with the hectic lifestyles that many people are leading these days, cruise trips are a great option for them to take a break from the pressures of their work life. These trips are tailored to offer great relaxation and entertainment to […]

May 21, 2014

Traveling With Kids on Cruises

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By John Mcgough Traveling on cruises is always interesting and fascinating, as it represents the sheer lavishness and pleasure voyage. But when it comes to traveling with kids on the cruise liners, the situation becomes bit dicey. Kids are always notorious and hence there are lot many things which are required to consider while taking […]

Apr 9, 2014

Fun Pass for Carnival Cruises

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By:  Nicky Pilkington How well do you prepare yourself for a vacation is also an important matter. Unprepared ness can cost a lost. Certain things have to be note while on a Carnival cruise. Booking procedures, onboard rules should be known well in order to have a carefree vacation… FROM 9/11onwards, the Department of Homeland […]

Jan 28, 2014

Cruise Ship Vacations – 10 Secrets Experienced Cruisers Know That Will Make Your Cruise Better

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By Vincent Czepiel Cruise ship vacations are a great way to travel, relax and visit exotic lands. Every cruise I take I learn something new that makes my next trip more enjoyable. Here are 10 secrets that will make all your cruise ship vacations memorable. Most cruise lines offer special discounts for past guests, police […]

Oct 8, 2013

Planning A Cruise Vacation For The Perfect Cruise Experience

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By: Mary Hanna Cruise vacations are one of the most exciting and fun vacations you and your family will ever have. Planning your cruise vacation is the key to making the most of the cruise experience. Cruise ships are floating hotels that sail through ocean while you enjoy all the hotel’s amenities provided. They have […]

Sep 17, 2013

Cruise Lines – All You Need To Know

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By Abhishek Agarwal Who are the people whom you refer to when you plan a pleasure trip with your loves ones on the ship? Whom do you contact to know and compare the prices of various voyage packages? Who are the people whom you contact when you need to make sure that your safety is […]

May 7, 2013

Want to See the World? Take a Cruise Ship Vacation!

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By: William Lund Perhaps not everybody is cut out to cruise, but a lot of us are. I have a twin brother John, who likes to do stuff like hike through the Himalayas in the snow, and truck through the jungles of Brazil. Well he can have his adventures, but when I am on vacation […]

Mar 11, 2013

Leave The Steamer Trunk At Home When You Cruise!

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By: Joseph Ewart There are really no ‘dress codes’ on cruise ships but more like guidelines to assist you in bringing the right items. Having traveled with a spouse and two teen age daughters, this writer is, however, painfully aware of the cruise shoe formula which is take the number of cruise days and multiply […]

Dec 2, 2012

Choosing the Best Cruises For Your Kids

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By John Mcgough If it comes to cruises, then children of all ages enjoy thoroughly on them. As children, everyone wants to sail the seas like pirates! The pirates are not the best options thought, but sailing the seas with cruises is the best option available when it comes to sailing. With the recent increase […]

Jun 9, 2012

What to wear in a cruise

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By Michel Tam If you want to enjoy your trip in a carnival cruise, you must plan the assortment of clothing very carefully. All this does not necessarily means that you have to go out there and buy a new attire just for your trip. It is very possible that you have all the clothes […]

Mar 29, 2012

Family Cruise Deals Will Give You the Freedom You Desire

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By John Mcgough Have you been working late nights? Are you like one of those mothers, who are working day and night to earn for her children? Don’t you feel it is time you and your kids to enjoy together, to bond, to play and smile together? What you need is change of scenario or […]

Jun 21, 2011

Cruise With Kids

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By John Mcgough Cruising companies are going well in this last decade. There are many cruises which cater services to all strata of society, right from working class till rich and “well to do” people. One should surely have this experience with kids. Generally cruises have the specified charges. Many a times, the 3rd and […]

Apr 15, 2011

Kids on the Cruise

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By John Mcgough When it comes to taking kids along for vacations, there are not many choices because there are very activities which you and your kids enjoy equally. Activities designed specially for kids might not make a long vacation and you will have to do a mix and match job of involving kids in […]

Apr 7, 2011

Special Needs Cruising Made Easy

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By: Joseph Ewart Cruise lines want the overall experience to be excellent and enjoyable for all guests including those with physical challenges. Typically ships operated by U.S. based cruise lines offer vessels that provide accommodations for most special needs passengers with a variety of accessible features. Most new ships have been designed to meet most […]

Mar 27, 2011

Cruise Vacations – Some Important Tips For First Timers

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By Deon Du Plessis Going on a cruise is both exciting and something that not everybody get to do in their lifetime. While cruises used to be ultra expensive, its popularity has driven prices down significantly. With that being said, many people go on a cruise as a one-time experience. The idea of sailing into […]

Mar 25, 2011

The Disney Cruise – An Amazing Experience

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By John Mcgough The fun, the kids will enjoy on wont be limited to land, they even have a cruise ship on their name and the experience is simply mind blowing. Now, the cruise experience will be like visiting Disneyland on water! The Disney-cruise is something that you will want to experience at least once […]

Mar 22, 2011

Cruise Trends for 2011

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By Chris Everiss We’ve identified five main cruise trends for 2011 below. Read on to discover how the world of cruising is likely to change over the coming months. A rise in drive-to cruising in the UK With scheduled strikes by cabin crew, the now customary summer air traffic control strikes in various parts of […]

Mar 3, 2011

10 Reasons Why You’ve Got to Take a Cruise Before You Die

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By Debra Fortosis You’ve stayed away from luxury cruises because you were afraid they were far too expensive. But, I ask you, what other deluxe vacation can you take that costs $100-$200 per person per day? Count it up! What does it cost you for flights or auto fuel, eating out, hotel stays, individual tickets […]

Nov 10, 2010

How to Choose an Enjoyable Cruise for Your Family

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By Madalynn K Wayman Cruises are a great vacation option for families because there is something for everyone to enjoy. However, you should still take measures to make sure you choose a cruise where everyone in your party can have a great time. Before booking a cruise, take into account special considerations to be made […]

Nov 8, 2010

Rules For Taking Your Kids on a Cruise

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By John Mcgough Travelling with kids on a cruise ship can become a great family holiday to be remembered and cherished or can turn into your worst nightmare. With a few important considerations, it is possible to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable for all members of the family. It is more difficult to deal […]

Nov 7, 2010

5 Hidden Expenses on Cruising

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By Amy Que Cruising is a great vacation for family on a budget. The cruise cost includes almost everything from food, accommodation and transportation (to different port but not to the port of call). But there are certain expenses that are not part of the cruise fee. So today I want to share 5 Expenses […]

Nov 3, 2010

Considering a Cruise? Check Out These Helpful Planning Tips

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By Donna R Davis It’s time to think about a vacation. But after looking at airfares, you have to put the kibosh on a European holiday. You don’t relish the idea of battling the crowds at a theme park. You don’t want to be cooped up for hours at a time on a long road […]

Nov 2, 2010

Alaskan Cruise Dining Options – Different Selections For a Memorable Cruise Vacation

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By Alicia McWilliams Everyone enjoys a good meal and many groups that work to offer a variety of cruises to Alaska will offer all sorts of options for dining. These Alaskan cruise dining options include fine dining options and bars with all sorts of fine drinks. Room service is even offered on many of these […]

Nov 1, 2010

Tips On Packing For Your Cruise Vacation

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By Avril Betts When cruising, packing for your cruise becomes an integral part of your travel. The length of cruise, the destination and the category/style of cruise ship will all determine what you need to pack. It is good to remember that most Cruise ship cabins have limited space and if there are two of […]