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The London Eye

By Max Brockbank

Ten years ago, London built a temporary, celebratory monument-cum-tourist draw: the Millennium Wheel. Now known as the London Eye, this majestic wheel has since proven its worth as a tourist draw and as a now integral part of London’s skyline, on par with major landmarks like London Bridge and Big Ben. The Eye draws huge crowds as its capsules make their thirty-minute journey from the base of the wheel to its apex (from which groups of approximately thirty people per capsule are able to view the grand vista of London spreading out below them) and back again.

Whether as part of a general sight-seeing tour or as the setting for a special occasion (units can be rented out, at not-insignificant cost, for celebratory events), the London Eye has cemented a place in the hearts and minds of Londoners and tourists alike. Visitors to the capital often go out of their way to visit the Eye, since the South Bank (where the Eye is located) is less developed as a tourist attraction than the northern part of the city. With recent developments taking place along the South Bank, however, tourists can now find a hotel – some of which carry hefty discount rates – within a few minutes’ walk of this magnificent monument.

Getting discount hotels in London, whether near the eye or further afield, is a good deal easier than finding similar low rates in other cities, in part because of the sheer number of hotel rooms available to the high number of tourists to the city. At off-peak travel seasons, when many of the hotel rooms are not full, rates can be slashed to help fill rooms which might otherwise go empty.

Staying near the London Eye has additional benefits, since the area is only a short walk to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the Strand, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, and more. All these places are reachable by crossing Westminster Bridge, while on the South Bank one finds numerous museums, theatre exhibitions, craft markets, and hip, happening restaurant districts. Because the area is relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists, you can still find discount hotels on the South Bank which offer much lower rates than rooms North of the Thames.

As for the views from the Eye itself, they are nothing short of spectacular. Visitors can use a map of London’s landmarks to determine their place in the city, contributing to increased later enjoyment of the city and its wonders. Plot your visit from this incredible vantage point, and determine the best route for hitting all the spots you want to see; later, observe alternative angles looking out on the city from St. Paul’s Cathedral or Tower Bridge!

The London Eye Gets an Upgrade


By Max Brockbank – Max Brockbank is an online writer and editor

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