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Tips For Hawaii Travel

By: Robert Thatcher

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is often frequented by travelers. A popular vacation, Hawaii travel has much to offer visitors. The sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views are only part of what makes Hawaii an ideal destination. Hawaii offers a great local environment and is known for their friendly hospitality. There are some important things a traveler must know before hitting the beaches in Hawaii to make their stay the best it can be.

Clothing: Hawaii has a casual atmosphere where comfort is the style. Clothing is usually loose and flowing. The climate varies throughout the islands, but this loose style will be welcomed and comfortable no matter where a traveler goes.

Weather: Hawaii usually had high’s in the 80’s and night time lows in the 60’s or 70’s throughout the year. The sun can get very strong and sunscreen protection is recommended. Rain is not too big of a hassle on the islands as the rainiest time of year is from October to May and when it does rain it does not usually do so for long periods of time.

Customs: Hawaiians are famous for their hospitality. Lei’s are given to visitors as a symbol of friendship. Hawaiian language is easy to pronounce as each syllable is simply sounded out. Visitors will see native language all over on signs and in shops. Restrooms are usually labeled Wahine for women and Kane for men. Rubber sandals are the most popular footwear and shoes of any kind should be removed upon entering a home.

Warnings: As an island in the ocean, Hawaii faces some threats of severe weather. There is a system on the island that all travelers should be familiar with when visiting. Sirens in combination with radio and television warnings alert people to tsunami’s, hurricanes, windstorms and other severe weather conditions. Directions given through the warning system should be followed.

These helpful tips for Hawaii travel will help a person get the most out of their Hawaiian vacation. This beautiful US state offers a tropical and safe atmosphere that makes for a wonderful visit.

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By Robert Thatcher
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