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Top 4 Las Vegas Buffets – Tips and Reviews of the Absolute Best Buffet Dining in Las Vegas Resorts

By Greg Parsons

Las Vegas buffets originated in the late 1940’s as a way for Las Vegas casinos and hotels to attract visitors for for staying and gambling in their casinos. The hotel/casinos treated their buffets as a loss leader, willing to trade the small buffet losses for massive profits on the gambling divisions of the casino businesses.

Recently, Las Vegas buffets have undergone massive changes throughout the city. Once just places to fill you up at the cheapest prices, today’s buffets at the Las Vegas casinos and resorts are as lavish and over-the-top as the rest of the city. You can no longer expect to enjoy a huge buffet meal for under $5, but for just a few bucks more (and sometimes much more), you can have as much of the best gourmet food you will have anywhere, and at any price. Although you might be paying $35 for a buffet dinner now, it is still a tremendous value for the quality and excellence of the food you are getting.

Here are some tips for Las Vegas restaurant and buffet dining. Coupons for the buffets and restaurants can be found in flyers and game books throughout the city. Get free slot cards from the casinos you gamble at the most, as building up points on these cards can lead to free buffets and other freebies throughout the casinos. Still another good tip, when at a buffet, is to pass on food items that you can get at any Las Vegas buffet (like pasta and pizza), and focus on higher-end items (lobster, steaks, etc.), you will come out ahead.

Here are what many consider to be the best buffets in Las Vegas. They range in prices from $13 for breakfast buffet to $40 for dinner buffet (may be higher when you visit), but all offer huge varieties of gourmet food at still-great value.

  • The Buffet at Bellagio Hotel and Casino
    With one of the most elegant dining rooms anywhere, the Bellagio buffet, with the hefty price tag of about $40 for dinner, is still worth every penny. The food is not just “gourmet buffet,” but is outright “gourmet anywhere.” Some of the amazing dishes include venison chops, smoked sturgeon, and fabulous pastries.
  • Le Village Buffet – Paris Hotel and Casino
    The dining room is designed after a quaint French village, and gives Le Village a charming feel. French cuisine is prepared perfectly throughout the buffet. And each cooking station is in a theme of a region of France, such as Normandy, Alsace, Burgundy, and Brittany. Expect to pay from $13 for breakfast up to $25 for dinner, but it is well worth it.
  • Village Seafood Buffet at The Rio Hotel and Casino
    Serving only dinner, and at around $40, this seafood buffet at the Rio gives you a selection of many creatures of the sea, with stations themed after countries throughout the world. It is still a tremendous value, as you choose from heaping platters of sushi, lobster, scallions, and many varieties of perfectly-cooked fish.
  • Cravings at the Mirage Hotel and Casino
    Cravings is designed to look like anything other than a buffet, with bold colors and geometric patterns, back-lighted glass walls, and low-slung chairs and tables. Thirteen separate cooking stations prepare many kinds of dishes, from American barbecue, to Asian, to Mexican food, and more. And the desserts are so good you may skip the main courses. At between $13 for breakfast, on up to $25 for dinner, the Cravings Buffet is an excellent buffet deal.

The Buffet at Bellagio, Le Village at Paris, and Cravings at the Mirage all offer a elaborate champagne brunch on the weekends. These are all tremendous values, with huge selections of delicious foods, and of course, champagne. All are offered at prices equivalent to their dinner buffet rates.


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