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Top Picks: Popular Places To Visit In London

By Carolyn Clayton

Anyone who visits the place for the first time should know about the popular places to visit in London. After all, such spots are famous for a reason, and each one of them should be experienced by any tourist who happens to drop by London.

Here are the top choices visitors and locals of London consider as what tourists should consider visiting when in London.

  • British Museum
    This is famous in any parts of the globe. Everyone is free to enter, but tickets are usually required for special exhibitions and events that take place in this historical destination.
  • National Gallery
    Another must-see in London is the crowning glory of the Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery of London serves as the home to the many famous paintings and artwork across Western Europe. The works of Van Gogh, da Vinci and other popular personas in the world of art can be found in this gallery.
  • Tate Modern
    Entry is also free to Tate Modern, which is one of the most popular places to visit in London. A museum of contemporary and modern art, its structure is highly unique considering the fact that it used to be a power station.
  • Natural History Museum
    When it comes to its dinosaur exhibition, nothing can beat the Natural History Museum in London. It has an encompassing selection of animals under its roof. In fact, it contains the rarest members of the animal kingdom found on the face of the Earth.
  • London Eye
    Highlighting the beauty of London’s skyline is what the London Eye works on. This structure includes the world’s current highest observation wheel. Each of its capsules can accommodate 25 people at most. The experience is definitely breathtaking and something any tourist in London should consider trying out.
  • Tower of London
    This is a very famous building in London. It is 900 years old and had once been a real life royal palace complete with all of its necessities of the early times such as the prison and place of execution. Presently, this tourist spot offers a delightful escape for kids with its zoo.

These are the top popular places to visit in London. The popularity scale used in coming up with this list is generally dependent on the number of tourists visiting the area all year round. When it comes to the overall appeal of the location, it is just a matter of taste in the end.

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