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Tower of London – Attractions in London

By Raviajta Singh

Tower of London

London has many attractions. This is city of tourist interest. There are many attractions in London like British Museum, Canterbury Cathedral, Hadrian’s Wall Holy Island, Jorvik Viking Centre, Roman Baths, Stonehenge, York Minster and Tower of London.

All these attractions are world famous and attract tourists from all over the world. London is known for its fascinating places. This is a brief article about the tower which explains in brief about its history and its importance in the ancient time. Lower Thames Streets traces the medieval banks of the river past the old Billingsgate Fish Market and elegant custom house. A squat stone building commands this south east corner of this city the medieval Tower of London.

The tower has served over the centuries as fortress, palace, prison and museum, as well as arsenal, archive, menagerie and treasure chest. William the Conqueror built the inner keep, the White Tower as both a military stronghold and a means of impressing new subjects in England. Construction began in 1070s and was completed in 1100. It was largest building in Britain and soon symbolized royal domination. It remained a royal residence until the 16th century, when court moved to the more comfortable quarters in Westminster. It has become the store house for Crown Jewels and the most infamous prison and execution ground in London. After 1747 this place served as the Royal Mint, Archive and Menagerie- until the elephants, lions and bears were moved to Regent’s Park Zoo. German spies were executed here in both world wars. It was most prestigious jail, reserved for the enemies of the state. Henry 6th and Richards 2nd were among the royal prisoners, and in 1483 Edward 4th heirs, Prince Edward aged 12, and Prince Richards, 10, were murdered in what came to be called the “Bloody Tower”. This is really a place which tourists should not miss while visiting Britain. If you will miss to see it you will really miss something very important and beautiful place.

The Tower of London – An Introduction


By Raviajta Singh

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