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US Virgin Islands Vacation: Our Tropical Getaway

By Erica Long

Americans work too much and don’t take enough time off. My husband and I are like that. We just never seem to be able to tear ourselves away from the work world. So finally we decided that we would plan a U.S. Virgin Islands vacation.

The Virgin Islands seemed like the perfect choice for a tropical getaway. There are three main islands to choose from. St. Thomas is the most popular Virgin Island, but we felt that it might be too touristy and crowded for our taste. St. John is essentially a protected national forest and we aren’t really into all the physical outdoor activities like hiking and such. So we chose St. Croix.

We stayed at the Chenay Bay Resort and rented a car to get around. That was a little nerve wracking because, while it’s U.S. territory, they still have British influence. As a result they drive on the left side of the road. So be warned, that takes a little getting used too.

Chenay Bay Resort was really nice. Each “room” is actually its own little cottage with a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It has air-conditioning and heat. When we got there and showered, the hot water heater was not working. That was just a small hiccup as they fixed it right away.

The beach and the pool areas are really beautiful and unbelievable. It has a restaurant/bar area. The bartender will bring your drinks and food to you on the beach. Sometimes, he or she will even bring you samples of drinks!

We spent our days exploring this beautiful island, swimming in the resort’s ocean-side pool, or the ocean itself. It had a beautiful beach with chairs and lounges for watching the water.

Point Udall is the easternmost point of the entire United States. There is a Millennium monument. It is really cool. The drive there is slow (no paved roads) but well worth it.

In Christiansted we found the Divi Carina Bay Casino. That was a pleasant surprise. We had some fun playing the slots and Blackjack. There was a really cool restaurant in Christiansted called Johnny Mango’s. It has lots of chicken and other homemade sides. Really good macaroni and cheese and the chicken is extremely tender!

It was really fun exploring St. Croix Island. The whole experience was very relaxing and stress free. We needed this time away from our normal schedules. It was wonderful and I am so glad we went. If you get a chance, take a U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation!

Brewers Bay Beach, St. Thomas – Virgin Islands


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