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Venetian Resort Hotel

By Dennis Estrada

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, or just The Venetian Hotel for shorter words, tends to be one of the most popular luxurious hotels that are located in Las Vegas. People tend to come here all the time for various reasons. It is located on the main strip of Las Vegas so you will be right in the middle of the action if you tend to stay here. It was modeled by the tower of St. Mark’s Campanile, which is located in Venice, Italy. Many celebrities and people of wealthy standards tend to stay in this hotel, since the accommodations tend to serve them well during their stay.

The Venetian Resort Hotel has security in which they take everything seriously. It is 24-hour security so you do not have to worry about ever being unsafe while you are staying there. Marble baths are provided in each bedroom and living rooms. There are also televisions and even mini bars within the rooms. If you are not comfortable, then you can alert front desk in which they will go the extra mile to make sure that you are indeed comfortable as it is something they also take very seriously. There are safety deposit boxes in each room. You may find it useful since you are in Sin City in which you need to make sure that you keep everything locked up and away from public view.

The pool is the most fabulous place on the resort. People tend to come here and just relax. You have waiters available in which they are waiting to assist you with your favorite drink. Of course you may even request a drink if you find that you do not like anything on the menu. It has been featured in music videos, TV Shows, and even within movies. It is set up in the most gorgeous way that guests tend to stay within the pool area throughout most of their stay.

The Venetian Resort Hotel tends to have over 120 gambling tables in which you can go around and play random gambling games with many people who are looking to win a huge amount of money. There are over two thousand games and slot machines so you can go about in testing your luck. There is even a live theater in which you can go and watch shows that come from all over the world. It’s definitely a great way to spend a romantic evening with someone. There are even dances for the hotel guests so that they can feel involved and stay entertained while mingling with each other. It also helps for singles to find someone else who may be single and ready to mingle.

This Las Vegas Hotel has been featured within the media for different purposes. It was in the LMFAO feat. Lil Jon video entitled Shots. It has also appeared on shows such as the O.C. and in movies such as Rat Race and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. Some celebrities are known to have been in and out of this hotel for vacation or even movie purposes. Even today you may get lucky and end up finding an actor or an actress enjoying their stay within the hotel. It is a fabulous hotel that’s worth the price for the accommodations, the entertainment, and the extra mile that the staff will go incase there is something you are not comfortable.

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The Venetian and The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas


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