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Visiting Gay Friendly Caribbean

By: Groshan Fabiola

For a long time, a Caribbean vacation was out of the radar for most gay travelers because of the hostility of some of the Caribbean islands to gay and lesbian people. But the situation is slowly changing.

One of the most gay-friendly locations in the Caribbean to visit is Curacao, which exists in the Dutch Antilles. The city is very gay-friendly and actually welcome gay cruises with rainbow flags displayed throughout its downtown.

Curacao is in the far Southern Caribbean, just 35 miles north of Venezuela. It’s about 38 miles long and 7.5 miles wide at its widest point. It is a great place to visit. It has miles of beaches and friendly bars.

Much of Curacao’s open nature comes from its association to the Netherlands. In fact, Netherlands has several gay-friendly bars. It also has a visitor center that provides information on friendly restaurants and bars in the city.

In Netherlands, same sex marriages are also welcome. This is why it is such a great destination for young couples of the same sex. In Curacao same sex marriage is not allowed, however, it is still a great honeymoon destination for young couples.

Curacao has several friendly bars as well as a couple of friendly inns. For young couples staying in Curacao, a stay at bed and breakfast lodging is an excellent idea. The bed and breakfast lodging gives a relaxed atmosphere to the entire trip.

One of Curacao’s mottos is Biba i laga Biba or Live and Let Live. Although it has operated as an independent country for more than 50 years, it retains ties to Holland, which still has jurisdiction over the country’s foreign affairs, defense, as well as its Supreme Court. Curacao’s residents freely travel to and from The Netherlands on a Dutch passport. Dutch is also the official language of this Caribbean island.

A tourist spot that all young couples traveling to Curacao need to see is the Queen Emma Bridge in Willemstad. This is a floating footbridge separating the two sides of Willemstad. One side of the city is called Punda and the other, Otrabanda.

There are several hotels that gay women can choose from for their stay in Curacao.
Hotel rates start around $95 in high season.

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