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The Weather In Curacao Is Perfect For Family Vacations

By Pam Quillerin

If you are looking for an excellent vacation spot, Curacao may be just what you are looking for. The weather in Curacao is warm and sunny all year round. The average temperature is about 27C or 81F. Its location is outside of the hurricane belt, so there are few chances for storms. Its rainy season runs from October through February. However, the rain is mostly occasional with short showers at night, and the days are usually warm and sunny. This is really no bad time to visit this tropical location. The lovely weather makes it perfect for many fun activities, and here are just a few of them.

An Excellent Family Vacation Spot
If you are looking for a place to take the family, this may be an excellent location. Get away from the winter weather during winter break or go in the summer. You will find excellent weather and plenty to do, and when you get there, you may encounter locals that speak four different languages. English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamento, are the official languages.

This is an excellent place for kids. They can have the chance to meet and interact with some of the local marine life. Maybe you would like to go snorkeling with tropical fish and sea turtles. You will also find a lovely beach that is perfect for the kids to run and play on. You will also find water sports and places to eat, along the beach. Do not forget to check out the museum and theater, too. They are excellent learning locations for everyone and while the weather in Curacao is almost always nice, it’s good to have these options just in case.

Dolphin Academy
Your kids may never forget an adventure with the dolphins. There is the opportunity to be in the water with these gentle creatures. The kids might get the chance to ride on their fins, too. There are trainers to supervise and teach you the basics of interacting with the dolphins. These dolphins will also sing for you.

Adults and older children can have the chance to swim alongside the dolphins, too. There is an open water diving program available. It gives you the chance to swim in the coral reefs.

There are two and three day courses available also for dolphin training. It covers all of the basics about these animals. Some courses are designed specifically for kids, and there are ones for adults too.

You will find the weather in Curacao, perfect for a family vacation. There are many fun activities to enjoy, and many are designed for kids. They can have an unforgettable experience interacting with animals like turtles and dolphins. There are many other things for the entire family to enjoy, too.

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