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What to Bring Along on Your Alaska Cruise Tour

By Alex Gander

Planning to take the best Alaska cruise tour ever? Because of a myriad of affordable Alaska cruise deals, more and more people are taking the leap and trying out the experience for themselves. There are several factors that can affect the outcome of the trip. Good preparation is one of them. When preparing for a trip, make a checklist of all the essentials you need to bring. Think long term and ask other people who’ve already experienced the cruise what the necessities are. A testimonial will always help in terms of preparing one’s luggage. While cruises to Alaska are almost always fun and memorable, knowing what to bring and how many will smooth the way from unwanted incidents.

The checklist will depend on what activities you’re planning to do in your cruise. Research first what the itinerary is and this will guide you to what specific things to bring. All cruises to Alaska will need proper legal documentation and identification though. Have your cruise documents photocopied by threes. Put one inside the luggage, one inside the handbag and the other inside the room suite you’ll be staying in.

Along with cruise documents, a legal copy of airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation, passports, visas and proofs of citizenship, driver’s license, medical insurance cards and a copy of your medical history, an ATM card and an extra picture ID. Considering the onset of epidemics nowadays, have a copy of your vaccination certificate also if required. Documents like these are especially important when traveling alone. The best Alaska cruise tours should not be side-railed by any problems in legality.

Next bring all the necessary sundries. While even the most affordable Alaska cruise deals will include in their package so many of these things, one should always bring familiar brands in case of any allergies you might encounter with what the cruise provides. Bring lip balms, sunblocks, bug sprays, sanitizers, rubbing alcohols, soaps and facial wash. If shopping is part of the itinerary, bring some extra tape and a foldable tote bag for touring. If you know you have a tendency to be seasick, bring all the necessary medications in the carry on bag. A first aid kit will also be helpful in case of any minor mishaps. Bring some band aids, cotton buds, bandages, itching creams, medicine for headaches or stomachaches and aspirin.

When taking the best Alaska cruise tour, always be prepared for the on-board activities prepared by the cruise ship. Bring extra bathing suits, shorts and skirts for taking daily dips in the cruise pool. And depending on what Alaska cruise deals you are getting, a formal affair on-board the ship should also be considered part of the itinerary. Bring one or two good formal outfits for dining out along the ship’s elegant restaurants or meeting some friends at the bar.

The best Alaska cruise tours should be taken during the summer where the sun is constantly shining but not biting on the skin. Cruises to Alaska are splendid during this time as there is 18 hours of sunshine combined with the glaciers providing cold air breeze during the passage. Carry along shades, hats, comfortable clothing and shoes but not forgetting to bring along jackets, scarves, gloves and heavy hats. Don’t forget the digital camera and equipment for snapshots on the beautiful Alaskan glaciers and Alaskan bears.

And what not to bring? Do not bring excess baggage literally and emotionally. It is all about not over packing for the trip. While it’s good to be prepared, do not overdo it by bringing tons of luggage with too much clothing. Avoid things that might distract you from enjoying the trip. If possible, eradicate possessions that might remind one of work such as a laptop and work documents. Cast your worries and somberness aside for the time being. A spirit of adventure and optimism should guarantee this trip to be the best Alaska cruise tour ever.

Packing For Alaska


By Alex Gander – Before you book for an cruise, be sure to visit Alex’s website where you will find information to get yourself prepared when going for Alaska cruise tours and how to nab great savings by finding the best Alaska cruise deals. Hope you enjoy your cruises to Alaska.

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