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What You Need to Know About Lower Deck Cruise Ship Cabins

By Caterina Christakos

In order to experience the cruise lifestyle, even if just once in their life, a holiday maker will look for the least expensive way to go on a cruise. There are ways and means of doing this. It will be cheaper if, for example, you go on a cruise covering a small area – a specific coastal region, perhaps, or a set of islands. This is often allied to the fact that a cheaper price can be found by taking a cruise that is shorter in duration. While the longest cruises can go on for months, and many regular cruises still take about a fortnight, it is possible to book either a day cruise or a short four- or five-day hop. Equally there can be savings available by taking a trip on one of the less vaunted bargain cruise lines. This can knock quite a bit off the price you expected to pay.

One way to ease the strain on your wallet without doing the above (or along with doing the above) is to take one of the cheaper accommodations on the ship. This is achievable by booking yourself in to one of the more cheaply-situated cabins, among which some of the cheaper ones will be on the lower decks. Lower deck cabins are often of the same size and layout as those higher up on the ship, but will often save you a few hundred dollars on what you might pay for the higher-up ones. There is of course a reason for this, and in the end your readiness to plump for a cheaper cabin will depend on how you deal with, or how you feel about, these reasons.

One reason why a lower deck cabin is cheaper is the fact that it is a greater distance from common areas such as pools or spas, making it a little bit inconvenient if you wish to avail of these facilities on a regular basis. Of course if you’re making this journey regularly to enjoy the restaurants or bars, you can at least walk off the extra calories that you have put on in these areas. If you’re going to the gym you can even consider it a warm up!

Another, and perhaps the main, reason that you will make a saving by picking a lower-deck cabin is the fact that they are much more prone to the mechanical noises of a ship. Being lower on the ship means that these cabins are closer to the ship’s engines. The closer you get to those engines, the more you will know about it. Added to this, when the time comes for the ship to drop or raise the anchor, you will find it difficult to ignore. People who go unprepared for a trip in a lower-level cruise chip cabin have in the past been concerned that the ship may have struck something, when in fact the noise was just the anchor dropping. Enough to scare anyone, isn’t it?

But if you are thinking that the people in the lower deck cabins are simply getting all of the bad stuff, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. In rougher seas, being in the lower deck cabin means that you will get a smoother ride – worth a little bit of background noise twice a day, surely?


By Caterina Christakos – Caterina Christakos is a published author and reviewer. Read her latest reviews of fishing pontoon boats and other small pontoon boats.

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