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What You Need To Know About What To Do In Kensington London

By Carolyn Clayton

A district in West London, Kensington is a wealthy and highly-populated part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is most known for its affluence and cultural scene. Offering a large selection of interesting places to visit, any tourists in town will surely know what to do in Kensington London. Here are some of the great things to do and have fun with in Kensington.

  • Visit a museum or two
    Kensington boasts of a good number of museums and historical places. One can find the iconic Royal Albert Hall with its impressive musical performances right there in Kensington along with the different museums on Exhibition Road.
  • Go shopping
    The area also is an excellent shopping option for people of all ages. The high streets of Kensington give everyone a chance to gain access to any possible needs. Kensington’s King’s Road is actually considered one of the best shopping areas in London.
  • Grab a drink or eat your heart out
    One thing about Britain is the number of pubs in any area. Topping the list of what to do in Kensington London or in any parts of London is the pub experience. Kensington and Chelsea offer a large selection of bars and pubs to spend some time in. cafes and restaurants also abound in the area, giving everyone a taste of Brit’s good food.
  • Catch a movie
    Whether one is up for a blockbuster or some local film delights, they are all accessible right there in the heart of Kensington. The area has a number of cinemas that feature everything one can think of, ranging from independent films to high-profile flicks.
  • Feel like Princess Diana
    When it comes to feeling like Princess Diana and her royalty, nothing beats being able to visit the home of the late Princess. A 1.5 mile-walk across the area, going through some of her most-frequented places is just the perfect way to commemorate a visit to Kensington.
  • Enjoy the sights
    Overall sightseeing across the Kensington area involves a number of choices as well. Museums to galleries to parks and other open spaces as well as monuments can take up the entire day for anyone who is out in Kensington for a couple of days.

With these different activities available for a tourist in the area, there is definitely nothing to doubt about enjoying what to do in Kensington London. Every single minute is definitely going to be worth it.

Kensington Palace – London, United Kingdom


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